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Avoid Before A First Date , it’s a good idea to take good care of how you eat. Between the desire to have a pleasant breath, to have nothing between the teeth, to feel light, and not to feel your digestion in full work, there are certain foods that it would be better to forget… Or reschedule for a solo dinner.

Pre-Date Menu: Nothing Between the Teeth

Garlic/Cheese – Avoid Before A First Date

Even if we do not – necessarily – expect that this date will end with a languorous kiss, it is still better to have fresh breath! Thus, we ban dishes that are too spicy, the taste of garlic, and unfortunately also Camembert, Roquefort…


Soft drinks make our throats fizz and… make us make charming “returns”, which we DilMil will very well do without to make eyes at each other… without hiccuping too much!

The Salad – Avoid Before A First Date

To avoid green leaves sticking to the teeth or sticking to the molars, we also forget the salad. Even more if it is nuts, otherwise you will end up with teeth filled with pieces. It could ruin your best smile…


“Heavy” food, beans (whether white or red) weigh a little on our stomach, once ingested. And we can say that they are not very discreet during digestion. At best, they make the belly rumble, at worst they will cause very annoying noises (and a smell?)…

5 Foods to Avoid Before A First Date | Charm Date Review

Fries with Ketchup – Avoid Before A First Date

Have you put on your nice white shirt and your favorite pants? So now is not the time to get stained… Avoid coloring ketchup, melting chocolate, dripping ice cream… Nothing is worse than a ruined outfit just before going on a date!

On a first date, you usually spend more than an hour getting ready, wanting to look your best. And yet, we are never safe from a few last-minute hiccups. Rest assured, however, it is your imperfections that will help to highlight who you are. Indeed, your little quirks can DilMil.Co turn out to be real charming assets if you know how to play with them… and bounce back well!

Bad breath is every self-respecting bachelor’s nightmare ! To avoid this kind of inconvenience always plan a few ammunition of refreshing tablets or chewing gum. Mouthwash + toothpaste + mint lozenges are your best seduction partners for a first date , so no dead end!

You can have a piece of salad (or chicken) between your teeth and still be classy! The essential ? Know how to keep your cool if you are told the news, then leave, head held high, in the direction of the toilets, looking amused. Even the stars are confronted with these crisis situations!

A First Date

Miss/Mister disaster , is that you? That’s good… Nothing cuter than a clumsy person to remain engraved in the memory of your date. A little advice for your appointments: preferably order champagne or coke: it does not stain. So you can have fun at your leisure… and knock everything down.

No, it’s not your jeans/dress that’s too small, it’s society that’s too rigid! A creaking garment? It is a sign of fate. That means take it all off! Besides, clothes are superfluous things that we could do without half the year…

If you’re a man, it’s a bit tricky, frankly, to come on a date with empty pockets. On the other hand, for Madame, this small oversight reveals proof of your ingenuity (which we love).

Everyone sweats, it’s a fact (including those who will prove to you by A+B that they don’t have this kind of problem). A good deodorant and a few drops of perfume reduce the risks and work miracles overall. For a meeting on the terrace in summer, it is essential to find a place in the shade to avoid this olfactory and visual inconvenience.

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Telephone in “silent”, blocking incoming calls. There are many solutions to dodge unwanted calls from your parents when you are on a date . On the other hand, responding to a short text message from his mother suggests a cute little gesture on your part which allows you to break the ice on the side: “ And your family? “.

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