5 Things You Need to Understand in Relationship

Among the phenomena I don’t Understand in Relationship are the phenomenon of black holes, watching pathostreamers, and the fact that people tend to ask at every opportunity:

“DO YOu meet with somebody?”

“Do you have someone?”

“How is it possible that you are alone?”

“Why won’t you be with someone? I’m sure someone wants you. “

“What happened to Krzyś? He was such a cool boy! “

“When will we have a grandson?”

The wafer, the birthday, and now the egg. We are at the next moment of the year when these questions will be pouring in on all sides. They may not be aimed at you, SharekAlomre but they will whistle around your head and still be out of place just as well.

This is the perfect time to say what is wrong with these questions and 5 things are wrong.

1. A relationship is only a part of life – Understand in Relationship

Whether someone is with someone or not is not a synonym of success in life. The meaning of life does not come down to putting your fingers together in the shape of a heart and posting photos on Instagram with the relationship goals hashtag. Sure, it’s great, but not having someone doesn’t make his life worthless.

We are much more than our facebook relationship status. Being with someone is often temporary, while life is much richer. There is also development, business creation and social sharing, friendships, moments when you are breathless, but if you ignore it all and ask only about someone’s Understand in Relationship, then you show that you don’t care. And for whom is it supposed to be important, if not for the loved ones?

2. The fact that you cannot imagine life in a different model means that… YOU cannot imagine it

When you lived in the People’s Republic of Poland, your life choices were as varied as the vinegar shop shelves. You graduated from school, you found a job and it was known that now it was time for a wedding (church, of course) and children (preferably a boy and a girl). And to tell you the truth, what mattered on average was what this partner would be, because it was more important that he was at all.

Now those social seams have parted on the side. The job no longer has to be sitting 8 hours in the office, and positions with English names are as real as the profession of a welder. Or you could be single, not have kids yet, or not need the blessing of a guy in a dress.

Maybe your life would be meaningless without someone, but that doesn’t mean the other model is worse. Life has no sense from above, just as it is given to it. Instead of pushing Understand in Relationship your vision to someone, it’s better to be happy that someone wants to function in their own way.

5 Things You Need to Understand in Relationship

3. You have no idea why someone is alone – Understand in Relationship

Maybe someone’s exes were “so polite and organized”, but that doesn’t mean they got along with them, that they were able to show support, that you looked in one direction, SharekAlomre.com or that they didn’t have the minor flaw of jumping to the side.

You don’t know what problems other people face, what they have to sort out to be with someone or what they do to be a cool person. Most often, you also have medium qualifications to hold them accountable for it.

Finally, you look at someone in that one brief moment and judge Understand in Relationship them, not knowing if they really are alone, if they haven’t met someone yesterday, or if they will not know them in a moment.

4. Being with someone is not the same as being happy with someone

“You’re sure to find someone.” I know a lot of people who have heard such a sentence and knew it to be true. Only they didn’t want to find someone. They wanted to find someone good, and that’s the difference between a million dollars and a million problems.

Maybe being single can be pathetic, but being with someone can be just as pathetic. The wrong person can make you walk for days like with an iron ball at your feet. You can be with someone and jump with happiness, but you can also have monotonous sex to the beat of a metronome, feel pulsating loneliness and show others only a mask of satisfaction.

It’s time to understand that relationships are not a magic solution, but filling a hole in your life with a wedding ring and children, for which you are not ready, at most, it will hurt everyone around you.

5. Finally, someone else’s relationship status is not your concern

And I know it’s all because you want good for someone, but each of you has to have your own happiness. You are not going to force it on someone. Will not sell. You will not force you to accept your vision. Not only that, you will achieve much more if you let someone else grow instead of being squeezed into tight molds and by setting an example of how a relationship can work. (However, by some miracle, the most common question about relationship status is by people whose relationships turned out to be turbo-hookers.)

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Did you enjoy being with someone? Cool! I understand that. For me, being with someone who genuinely attracts you is also great. If I were to indicate one factor that pays off in every sphere, it would be a nice report.

Only I know that other people have a right not to share this view, and that’s okay.

Do you know why? Because being married is fine. Being single is okay. Getting into a relationship early is fine. Getting into a Understand in Relationship in your thirties, forties, or fifties is okay.

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