How to React to Disrespectful Behavior on a Dating Site?

Serious dating sites take action against disrespectful Behavior on a Dating Site but they can’t completely control their subscribers – thankfully! It is also up to us to take steps to deal with hurtful behavior, as is also the case in everyday encounters.

Fake Profiles

Some scammers escape the surveillance even of the dating sites that take the most means to spot them. The two basic principles to avoid being a victim are to stay as short as possible in remote exchanges , and to refuse any request for money without any exception. More tips in our article: How to spot a fake profile . If you spot them, report them to your dating site, so they don’t make victims.

Aggressive Behavior

Despite all the efforts of a serious dating site to avoid incivility and harassment, it is impossible to avoid any disrespectful behavior on a dating site, especially if there are many members. To ensure that using a dating site is a pleasant experience and not a source of disgust, it is essential to discipline yourself to immediately end any unwanted or disrespectful exchanges, by using the blocking and reporting functions. .

Like on social media, or like if you find yourself in a face-to-face conversation with an unpleasant person, if you continue an unpleasant conversation you will be hurt, for nothing. If in the street a person approaches you aggressively, or to court you when you don’t want to, you go your way. Likewise on a dating site, if a stranger is annoying, it is not disrespectful to block her. FlirtWith If the behavior is really disrespectful, it must also be reported to the site, to protect other members.

How to React to Disrespectful Behavior on a Dating Site?

Singles Who lie About Their Intentions – Behavior on a Dating Site

Again, the responsibility of a dating site is not engaged: even a serious dating site cannot verify secret intentions! Liars are also present on all dating sites, but also among the people you can meet in your entourage. Members of a site may lie about being single, or about looking for a lasting relationship. Once again, it is up to you to exercise vigilance. If you are looking for a serious encounter and a lasting relationship. A avoid going too fast in the relationship. Before really knowing the person and being sure that he wants to get out of celibacy.

Get Answers – Behavior on a Dating Site

This difficulty is found on all dating sites. It is all the greater for men on sites where women are inundated with male messages. And do not have time to look at the profiles of everyone. Who approaches them. But the lack of response is often due to the fact that your profile is too sparsely. Filled out (see: The importance of filling out your profile ), that your photo does not highlight you (see: Profile photos ) or that you have approach. The other in a way that does not encourage. Them to respond to you (see The first message to someone you like).

It is sometimes things that are really easy to avoid. That lead to non-responses: photo not smiling and therefore worrying, first message not personalize. Too short (which is perceived in the same way as being whistle in the street). too long ( and therefore unread), giving your email from. The first message (which fake profiles also do). Not asking the person you contact a question, etc.

Woman or man, if you want to get an answer to your messages, read our advice , or get help from one of our coaches  !

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Conclusion – Behavior on a Dating Site

Members of a dating site are no better or worse than the people you meet on the street. But anonymity can facilitate disrespectful behavior. It is also easier for a member of a dating site to click to write to you. Than for an unknown person to approach you in the street. It is therefore essential to know how to say no, not to be naive, and not to hesitate to block a profile when necessary.

It is by taking these precautions that the use of a serious dating site. Can be a truly positive experience, allowing beautiful encounters, and perhaps THE encounter that will transform your life!

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