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Not cool anastasiadate!

About 9 months ago I tried anastasiadate, paid and actually had some good experiences. This month, after signing back up I see they have changed things. When I try to delete some of the 400 views I ge…. More

liarioultcp - October 14, 2019
I never signed up for latinfeels

I never signed up for this site or even knew it existed until I saw $75.00 was taken from my checking account by them. Somehow they got my debit card info and decided to go to town on my account. I tr…. More

de5re4n09 - October 13, 2019
Very annoying

Claims to be free but isn’t as if someone contacts you, you have to buy a membership to reply. I paid for one month and the only actual contact I had with anyone was with 4 Russian scammers(checked ip…. More

contriobd - October 12, 2019
Elitesingles is a complete ripoff

I wont even get started on the crooked crap that website has pulled. Overall i am in total agreement Elitesingles is a complete ripoff. Consumer beware

odvzemenxo - October 12, 2019
What a truly horrible website

I agree with the poster regarding fake views.I became suspicious when several apparently sane women would view my profile about ten times a day,including some that I messaged but with no reply.It cert…. More

couizaze - October 11, 2019
Many issues, where do I start

Many issues, where do I start. I paid the $30 to try this for one month and I’m still unable to chat with people unless I purchase COINS to be more popular on top it. I even installed Adobe AIR and th…. More

serpentina87p5 - October 9, 2019
It is a bad one

This is my first experience with online dating, and it is a bad one. I paid for 6mo. which I shouldn’t of, but now I’m asking for refund. I usually don’t do reviews but this site is so bad that I had …. More

zvonkibd - October 8, 2019

The site generates views that did not really occur, if you once get any response from someone the site shows that they have viewed you again within minutes of logging in, I messaged several people and…. More

notranjecnr - October 5, 2019
So many fake profiles

So many fake profiles … clearly !! and so many responses … !! I got highly suspicious when I saw so many responses from so many good looking (apparently sane) women and later found that these are …. More

r2d3e2imz - October 4, 2019
All of these see sites are scams

All of these see sites are scams, if they want money for everything do you have a daily max of of coins but they next day you still cant get more….The only FREE SITE i have seen is Mocospac…. More

netpapiervk - October 3, 2019
I deactivated.

I signed up last night and immediately started getting messages from guys that said “OMG, you’re so beautiful”, “You’re so hot, I forgot my pickup line”, etc. The problem is …I hadn’t even uploaded …. More

taktikah2s - October 1, 2019
Send fake messages

I believe all users should come together and filled collective action against this site. It is ripping people off their money, it is not honest, and everything seemed to be fake. It really seems that …. More

ezulkama2a - October 1, 2019