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Recent Reviews, Its a big scam!!

Its a big scam!!! They use Models pictures on their website, all their bio is the same and scripted. They all have the same automated message, hello Dear, you are beaut…. More

david-paul - September 4, 2019
Please stay far away

I have joined this website for almost two years and spent hundreds of pounds on it. Last Friday, I tried to use its Camshare service to chat with three favorite girls but none was successful. Everytim…. More

misoogst9z - August 23, 2019
You will not find love here.

I have been on this site off and on since 2017, mostly on.
Have made 6 trips to Ukraine. Spent upwards of $30,000
I now live in Ukraine.
I still use the site , at least I did use the site have stop…. More

dopieralavn - August 23, 2019
Eharmony is biggest SCAM

i have been a member of eharmony better known by me as the biggest SCAM! for less then 3 months. i have had no matches when i went cancel my three month subscription i was told No your locked in for a…. More

greypstf3 - August 23, 2019
Obvious scam

I should say credits are expensive. That would be fine if any of the girls were real. Talked to some whose profiles stated they lived in the US. Talked for dozens of letters, several hours of chat, ov…. More

dentall5 - August 23, 2019 is fake site

I was on Bumble for about 1 year and had literally thousands of men trying to match with me. Ive talked to hundreds and they will be in at least one or more of the following categories: Hookups, marri…. More

stamiauditen7 - August 23, 2019
A waste of money and time.

I specifically set height, religious preference, and education level in my search criteria. What does this clunker site do? Sends “daily match proposals” of men with limited education, who are shorter…. More

clabhacalw0 - August 23, 2019 is a scam! is a scam! Stay away!!! They add additional charges to your account and will not refund them. Their customer service is a joke and for all intensive purposes is non-existent! Scam. Scam. Sc…. More

aubri1823assi - July 23, 2019
Don't waste your time on Latinfeels

I purchased a membership to this site and have received numerous emails that do not fit any of my criteria. Girls that look one way and do not have very good command of the English language. Also as o…. More

luke3482evan - July 23, 2019
Most of the profiles on are fake

Most of the profiles on this site are fake. You will receive lots of “visits” to your profile, “winks” too sometimes as soon as you sign-up for a trial. However you cannot see who these people visitin…. More

alan1283till - July 23, 2019
Waste of money

It became apparent quickly this is a hoax. A well oiled money making machine that portrays these stunning and photo shopped women. They are good at chatting and saying all the right things. After the …. More

ad12340ron - July 2, 2019
Big Scam

I’m using it and I’m sure this website is a scam and fraud. Don’t waste your money on it. Most of girls profiles are fake!

mel12340ed - July 2, 2019