Pets and Relationship: How to Get Along Well? 2022

Pets and Relationship: If some devote unconditional love to their pet, others remain marble in the face of small animals. Or even: they are allergic or afraid of it. Small differences that could cause problems in a couple, if the animal takes up too much space. It is therefore necessary to find a balance so that all these little people agree!

He/she has a goldfish – Pets and Relationship

A priori, this tiny living being should not unduly disturb a relationship. No risk of finding the aquatic vertebrate watching you through the door during your antics, or having to move SharekAlomre heaven and earth to take care of it during your weekends.

He/she has a turtle – Pets and Relationship

It requires little care and time, lives in a corner without making noise and like the fish, does not require a crazy organization. She won’t jump on you when you arrive, drag your feet, or wake you up in the morning. On the other hand, these little beasts live a long time. Enough to end up getting attached to it for good!

He/she has a dog (or two, or more)

Whether it is a reduced model or XXL, the dog is certainly a faithful animal, but one that requires attention, time and care. So, if you don’t feel comfortable in his presence, or if you don’t feel like cuddling/walking/feeding him, let your companion know. It’s an animal that takes up space on a daily basis, so you have to be honest from the start. If he/she will have to respect your reluctance, you will have to accept in exchange the love he has for his four-legged animal.

He/she has a cat (or two, or more) – Pets and Relationship

Feline passions are common… It also sometimes happens that cats take up a lot of space, or that their owners are crazy about them. So try to let him know if you find that his kitty is taking up too much space. Especially if the latter has a reserved place in the bed, the seat of your privacy. It’s not such a light subject, to be left aside, so you have to burst the abscess, if you feel bad!

He/she has an…exotic pet

A particular monkey or animal? It will be necessary to inquire about the needs of the animal and to know if you feel ready (e) to live at its side. Otherwise: talk about it…

Pets and Relationship: How to Get Along Well? 2022

He/she has a snake/rat – Pets and Relationship

If your friend owns an animal that disgusts or frightens you, it is best to tell him clearly. No need to play warrior to impress him. If this is a big deal for you, you can decide to see each other at home instead, if you are more comfortable than in the presence of his beast.

When it comes to the first times, with stress, doubts, etc., we sometimes see ourselves becoming real blunderers… After those of the first date , we review the little blunders of a first night together. Don’t blush: laugh!

Whether you’re missing a condom , whether you crack it when you open it or lose it inside your partner (yes, it does happen), small “logistical” problems are common. SharekAlomre.Com But not so serious, if we take them with humor!

Launched with ardor in your antics, your tongue forks (not where you imagine): the first name of your best friend/fantasy/ex comes out well in spite of you. Assume, at the risk of appearing really cowardly! The slips are not always significant, make it clear to the other, if the latter is upset.

Boxer shorts that have rubbed off, panties with regressive designs, holes or stains… it happens to everyone. But when it’s in front of someone you want to seduce, it can get really embarrassing. Maybe it’s time to turn off the light…


In the middle of the action, you throw out a little insult, *!§!?*. If it is not very well received, you will have to explain that you did not mean to do anything wrong but that you got a little (too) carried away… by your excitement.

Your ex hasn’t heard from you for 6 months, but that evening he decides to check on you/wish you a happy new year/insult you/tell you that he’s still thinking of you. Always a bit uncomfortable to see “Poussin d’amour” light up on your screen (you’ve never understood how to change a nickname in the directory, it’s a pain)…

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Another option: you find yourself on all fours (these are things that happen), knees on your precious property, which therefore begins to film (the joy of touch screens). Thus, as in the theater, it is preferable to put your laptop in… airplane mode!

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