How to Answer Negatively on a Dating Site?

It is never easy to respond to a person Negatively on a Dating Site who contacts us on a dating site, when this person does not correspond to what we are looking for, or because we are already in contact with another person who interests us. .

Some users of dating sites prefer not to respond at all when they are not interested in the single person contacting them. But many singles feel hurt when they don’t even YourChristianDate get a negative response. Some will wait several days before contacting someone else, because they don’t want to risk having a serious exchange with several people at the same time.

However, it is legitimate in certain cases not to answer.

When Not to Reply to a Message on a Negatively on a Dating Site

You don’t have to feel guilty for not replying to a single’s message if:

If the message is not personalized: nothing in the message refers to you, to your profile, to why you are interested. The single person who writes to you is probably sending the same message to many other people.

The author of the message does not bother to write sentences.

Message is not polite, not respectful (in this case, you can also report its author and block it).

The single person who writes to you talks to you about sexuality from his first message. On a serious dating site, that’s a bad sign. Chances are that this person is just YourChristianDate looking for a one-night stand, or intends to offer you the services of prostitution.

● The author of the message gives you his email address and/or his telephone number from the first message. It’s often the scammers who do this because they want to communicate with you directly before their profile is discovered and banned from the site.

● The person who is interested in you has an age difference of more than 20 years with you. Note that when a person much, much younger than you contacts you, there is a risk that it is a scammer wanting to seduce you and then ask you for money.

● The single person who writes to you does not correspond to the requirements that you expressed in your presentation text on your profile. It’s disrespectful on his part to write to you anyway insisting that you give him a chance.

How to Answer Negatively on a Dating Site?

How to Respond Negatively to a Message on a Dating Site?

There are two scenarios where we may want to refuse. The exchange with a single person on a serious dating site: when the single person who contacts us does not please us. And when we are already in contact with someone other and that we don’t want to have serious. Exchanges with several people at the same time.

1. I like the person who writes to me but I already correspond with someone else

You’ve started chatting with a single person, and maybe even going on a date with him. But you don’t know yet if he’s the man of your life. That’s why you haven’t deleted your account on the dating site yet. However, since you’re on a serious dating site. You don’t want to talk seriously with several people at the same time.

If you think you might like to correspond with the person. Who writes to you now, if the relationship did not extend with the one with whom you are already in contact, then as much to say things frankly!

You can write, for example: “Hello Valérie, thank you for your message. I prefer not to extend this exchange for the moment, because I already correspond with someone else, and I do not want to have several serious exchanges. At the same time. If ever the exchanges. That I have with the other person were unsuccessful, do you agree that I then contact you again, and that we can get to know each other, if you are still interested? »

On a serious dating site, singles are often happy to receive this kind of message, which shows them that their interlocutor is serious and does not multiply simultaneous relationships.

2. I do not wish to consider a love affair with the person who writes to me

If the single girl I’m messaged from doesn’t appeal to me. She’ll still probably be happy to get a response to her message. Many singles express their pain at not receiving replies to their messages on serious dating sites.

In this case, it is better to be as simple and as brief as possible. You must avoid humiliating the other, and above all giving him false hope. Writing anything that could encourage him to try to write to you again.

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Conclusion – Negatively on a Dating Site

On a serious dating site, singles agree to respect each other. Responding to messages when they are respectful and when their author has taken. The trouble to personalize them is a mark of respect. Not giving false hope is an even more important form of respect. However, do not feel obligated to respond if you do not feel respected by the message you have received. And if the person insists despite your refusal. It is really better to block their profile: it is normal not to be harassed!

A serious dating site , when used wisely, can really. Allow you to have great encounters, and perhaps to experience the encounter that will change your life! For this you can also get help from one of our coaches who accompany singles wishing to leave celibacy.

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