BEWARE! is a full blown SCAM. A Full Blown SCAM They are so crooked they have to put their pants on with a screwdriver. I know for sure that 16 of the prospective women are real people, but they have no idea they are on this site. One, in particular, is a Facebook friend from Ukraine. She, but not really her, sent me a letter from I wrote her on Facebook and thanked her and then I asked why she did not email me directly. She had no idea what I was talking about, another one is a well-known stripper in Moscow.

There are also six women that all have the same writing habits that are because the writer is the same person from the agency. One was so stupid that she sent me a photo of herself that had the watermark of the photographer on it. I Googled the photographer and sent him a couple of her photos, he said her name was not what she claimed, and that she was not from the city she said. He is pissed that his work is all over the internet.

BEWARE! is a full blown SCAM

There are 5 more girls from another agency that I contacted and the girls said they knew nothing of this CharmDate. Why would they lie, they are free to be on as many sites that they choose. Why would the photographer lie, why would my friend who recently got married lie? To protect the Chinese, I doubt it very seriously.

One other thing I want to warn you about is their CHAT line. Women, the fake agency women will say anything to get you to CHAT and spend more money I will post a few of these and see for yourself, would any legitimate company risk their reputation on this sort of thing?

Read these CHAT invitations:

Darya (ID: C654201)
22 years old
Stakhanov Ukraine
I want you to tie me to the bed now with my stockings..mmm.. what will you do with me when I am helpless?

Olga (ID: C924801)
24 years old
Kharkiv Ukraine
Uhhhhhh …. baby, shove your hard banana between my big breasts and slides, I want to caress the tip of his tongue in your head banana mmmmmm ……. shoot his juice on my chest, in my mouth

Tatyana (ID: C406727)
23 years old
Kharkiv Ukraine

Darya (ID: C894324)
26 years old
Mykolaiv Ukraine
Want to see my love juice???

Anna (ID: C664201)
25 years old
Kiev (Kyiv) Ukraine
My titts are moving so hard that they are slapping my body. You are trying to grab one of them but they are moving too fast. The tempo and passion is crazy when I ride you

Ruslana (ID: C106925)
23 years old
Odessa Ukraine
I want to have filled my both holes……You do it and move faster and faster …. you can’t stand it any longer, your cockk wants to spray his sperm I drink it

A Full Blown SCAM

I have about 80 of these invitations I cut and pasted directly from their CHAT line. I complained to customer service several times, but so far nothing has been done about it.

Last but not least they never answer questions when I asked them. If I ask where do you work or go to school, what gym do you work-out at, or for her family name, what her favorite salon, club, or restaurant is, I never got an answer. WHY? What are they hiding?

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Are these questions of the utmost secrecy and privacy? The best for last, if you show any emotional feelings or passion they will write two and three times a day. Do the math, $7 to read a letter and $7 to answer is $14 so it is $14 for a turnaround. I had one girl write to me 77 times in a span of 33 days. Had she nothing better to do? I answered once for every 15 letters, I had to tell her to stop, but she didn’t.

The owner has a PMB in Bellevue, Washington. The customer service for this company does not exist.

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