4 Dating Myths That Take Away Your Power With Men

Throughout our lives, we have all been told stories and Your Power With Men given advice about how to attract a guy.  Whether it was our mother telling us how to act around boys, our sibling sharing a personal anecdote of how they fell in love, or our friends advising us on what to wear before a first date… Over the years, we’ve collected a long list of the do’s and don’ts of dating.

But… which ones are real? Which ones are misconceptions? I want to help you understand some common misconceptions about dating (that you might even believe), that could be holding you back from attracting a high quality guy.

In order to help you unpack some of the preconceived notions and deep-seated Your Power With Men fears that are at the root of what feels like helplessness, and will result in missed YourLoveMeet opportunities and ineffective use of your precious time, here are four misconceptions that cause women to hold back — and how you can adjust to make sure you are looking for a man with whom you share the same relationship goals, WHILE staying in your feminine.

#1: Initiating is seen as aggressive and desperate. (And too masculine!)

Whether it’s something our mothers advised us against growing up or the fact that women in movies who have the “what are we” conversation are always depicted as needy, overbearing, or aggressive, many of us have turned into shrinking violets for fear of coming across as too masculine.

Not only that, but we feel as if the act of blatantly asking to have our emotional needs met will appear desperate and send the wrong message. Or, that if we initiate the “what are you looking for,” conversation with a man, it will cause him to pull away or disappear completely.

In truth, there are ways to take action without foregoing your feminine energy. Rather than charging up to the man you are dating, and asking him “where do you see us in a year” right out of the gate, use your feminine wiles to approach the conversation with grace and dignity.

Taking action doesn’t necessarily need to be done in an “aggressive” manner. Instead, tell him what you have enjoyed about your courtship first. YourLoveMeet.Com Let him know how much you appreciate him and be specific.

Next, express your specific relationship goals to him, making sure not to downplay the details. (eg., if you want kids, tell him. If you don’t, tell him, etc). Last, directly ask him to share his relationship goals, vision, and timeline. Don’t interrupt. Listen. Ask follow-up questions. Remember, generally speaking, men mean what they say and say what they mean.

4 Dating Myths That Take Away Your Power With Men

#2: Initiating leads to a loss of power.

The fear that simply telling a guy what you desire will immediately give the guy the upper hand in the relationship and put your delicate feelings in his hands is a strong and often valid one. There are lots of guys out there who get some kind of power trip off having control in a relationship and abusing that power, and perhaps some of you developed this fear because of a particularly scarring experience.

But much like any other part of life — be it work, a favorite activity of yours, Your Power With Men  or moving to a new city — the greatest rewards often come with some initial risk. Before taking the leap, mentally prepare yourself for the possibility that you and he are not on the same page.  And, remember if he chooses to express his disinterest in an insensitive manner or avoids the conversation, then he’s not someone you want to be with anyway. Simple as that.

There is nothing inherently wrong in wanting a relationship. And being curious if the person who you are investing time in is looking. For the same thing so that you can make an informed dating decision.  Ultimately, seeking mutual understanding in what each of you is looking for requires vulnerability and honesty, both of which are characteristics that require innate power and resilience.

#3: Initiating makes you vulnerable.

On a similar note, many single women use their inactivity and avoidance as a time-sucking shield that can easily be misinterpreted as disinterest.

Defense mechanisms run rampant in the dating world, Your Power With Men and rare is the occasion they help move one’s love life in a positive direction.

When you do not have clarity if you and a potential suitor are on the same page, you are at risk of making up a narrative that is fraught with fear and will result in self-protection and guardedness.  If he is on the same page, you may be at risk of sabotaging something that could be great.

To a man,  remember, this shield can be experienced as aloof or hard to read.  Instead, un-armor yourself, choose to be courageous, curious, open and optimistic.

Having the “what are you looking for at this point in your life” conversation will allow you to get. The information you need in a way that is empowering so you get to choose. Whether or not to take the time to get further invested.

And if he has the same relationship goals as you, Your Power With Men he will find your confidence irresistible!

#4: Initiating means he never liked you in the first place.

I’ve heard way too many single women use the “if he was into me he would’ve made it clear already” excuse. When explaining why they haven’t had the “what are you looking for” conversation. We apply a gender-focused double standard to equal. Salaries and power in the workplace, so what makes it different when it comes to dating?

Is he constantly asking you out, staying connected? Asking you specific questions about your life? Remembering your answers later and referencing them in subsequent conversations?

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There are many signs you can look for that can easily point to a guy. Who’s just as interested and also just as fearful of telling you. He is looking for a long-term committed relationship.

Just remember that as you’re dating someone, whether you are getting mixed signals or one signal. That is making his intentions unclear, men are just as prone to avoiding difficult. Conversations and as insecure as women, and sometimes all. They need is a feminine push in the right direction to express to you. What they want and how they are feeling.

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