10 Things Women Understand in Their 30s

Have a friend who meets women with an intensity worthy of a budding porn actor, and a girl who turns 30 is ideal for him.

Why? The story here is like a career. At 18 you have many vague visions that change three times a week. When you are around 30, two interesting things happen:
– either you regret the wasted time and choices you have made, living from part-time wretched work to part-time hopeless work;
– either you are aware of your possibilities, clear plans for the future, are guided by priorities, can maintain a balance between work and rest, and get a lot more out of everyday life.

It works in a similar way in the case of relationships, because young girls, although firm and sexy, have a feeling that they can do a lot, but it does not go hand in hand with the awareness of what exactly this “much” is and what you need to give to have it. .

Only girls who are (about) 30 years old begin to understand it and know that:

1. It’s not worth expecting from a guy what they should provide for themselves

Women in their 30s no longer count on dating a guy to make them happy. They do not transfer their problems to their partner and are aware that her work, her well-being and YourLatinMates.com her complexes are only her problems. This means that there is no point in expecting someone to solve them for them.

They also don’t expect some guy to make her life exciting and she’ll feel like a special, valuable person. There is a sentence women like: “If you are broken, you must know that eventually someone will come and hug you so tightly that all the fragments will fall into place again.” After her 30th birthday, a woman understands that the only person who will do this is her.

2. There is no point in analyzing everything

They don’t need to break down every piece of information into atoms. Listen to ordinary sentences, and then cut them into thin slices and observe them under a microscope looking not so much for the second bottom, but for at least the sixth. Not only because they know that the average woman thinks more about what a guy is thinking than he actually thinks, but also because they just don’t want to give a shit. The moment spent on doing what is not important is a moment that will never come back, and you have to go to work, make an appointment with a beautician, go to training, set up a place. It is also usually more profitable to paint your nails than to complicate your life by meditating.

3. A 30-year-old girl understands that you never have control over everything

And he accepts it. Little experienced women try to lock their man in a golden cage, because if he will not be better anywhere, he will stay with her. Sounds logical and that’s why they spend their days preparing the bedding and painting the bars. Only the more experienced ones understand that it doesn’t matter that the bars are gold, diamond-studded and worth millions, because the bars are not what he means. It’s like feeding a herbivore t-bone steaks made of Argentinean beef and wondering why he doesn’t eat it, a vile ungrateful! Women in their 30s understand that the first thing men need is freedom. You close their cage and they use a nail file to cut through the bars. If you leave the door open, they probably won’t even want to leave.

10 Things Women Understand in Their 30s


By the same token, women who understand this don’t fight for “territory” all the time. They do not prohibit meetings with a longtime friend, they do not threaten to break up, they do not make scandals because he has looked after a woman in the street. It’s a battle for territory, and the fact that YourLatinMates you have to fight for it means you don’t have it at all.

4. There is no one person who can meet everyone’s needs

Once a friend of mine was dating a chick – young, pretty, half a good college student. Despite these virtues, she even frowned at the fact that he was making a joke with the forty-year-old cashier. Meanwhile, there is no one universal enough to meet all his needs, and there is no person who knows everything and knows everything. By nature, we are a gregarious species, and that explains why people who limit their lives to a very narrow circle of people end up boring and behaving like managers on a business trip.

Another thing is that on the way we believed a lie dressed in the words: “You have to be perfect, because there will always be someone better”. With age comes the awareness that someone new will be different, but whether or not better is a purely theoretical question. There are only approximate criteria on the basis of which we choose, e.g. beauty. It’s true that another girl might be prettier, but do she get dimples when she smiles? Does he sometimes have a funny grunt when he thinks no one is hearing? Does he have leaner legs while he prefers muscular ones? I believe that we are born as unmistakable individuals and the worst we can do is start treating ourselves as easily replaceable modes of a large social machine.

5. You may not know what you want, but you must know at least what you DON’T want

And that’s a lot, because before that they didn’t know what they want or what they don’t want. They were dating guys who later thought, “Uh … how did it happen?” Women in their thirties might still not know what exactly they want (because I doubt anybody knows it), but they know exactly what they don’t want. They have their own standards and they know what, but dating his parents behind the wall lost its appeal ten years ago. Just like returning from a party in the city center on foot with pins in hand. For a guy, it means knowing that they are with him because they want and chose him, and not just because they are groping to find out what they want out of life.

6. Own rules are more important than written by Women someone else

There are people I listen to and I cannot get over it. Once I heard a girl outraged that “He never brought me a flower,” and all the time I had the impression that someone had told her that it should outrage her. That no one rationally thought would have thought of it. That any woman would rather make a problem that someone cheats on her, disrespects her, or at least that she can’t make a life for herself in a way greater than buying a CS.

If your answer to the question: “Why do you expect this from him?” reads: “Because as a guy should …”, you don’t say it – that’s your inner, unreflective parent saying. When you start to set your rules, the problem of the machine of quarrels disappears, which you later feel ashamed of yourself or ask if you will always be together. You know he’s not a fairy in a tulle skirt.

7. You have to learn how to wear underwear

Just like walking in high heels, putting on discreet makeup and choosing clothes to match your figure. In their 30s, girls know that exuding sexuality doesn’t require a party skirt that barely covers your ass. At this age, women also appreciate good-quality cosmetics and you won’t find Avon with them. That’s good, because there is nothing better than a woman who is aware of her femininity, with a developed style and skills to look like a star.

8. Sex is not part of the transaction Women

When a girl is 30, you can assume she knows what she wants in bed. Rather, she won’t expect sex alone to be enough to get anyone with them. They are already emotionally aware that they know that what matters most is who they are, how they treat others, how they spend their time and how they deal with problems. This in turn takes some five tons of weight off sex itself, because it is no longer the element on which EVERYTHING depends. It is simply important, but only one component of a relationship.

9. The most important thing is to be aware of your priorities

Once a friend of mine had a girlfriend. They lived together in the second or third year of their studies. Beginning? Idyll! Only that after two months she began to arrange scandals for him. About what? About putting his toothbrush in the wrong place. She would come and shout: “How many times do I have to tell you to put it back in the cup!” I don’t want to correct her all my life after you. ” Then there was a day of sickness. Was it a big problem? Did he cheat on her? It turned out he has half a million debts? That he gives himself occasionally? That he has a wife and children?

Oh no. However, in their first relationships, people tend to look at flaws. They glance at the wrongly placed brush and it obscures the whole picture. It’s enough for a few little things to be shit and there’s already this whole relationship for them. Along the way, they forget to look at the fact that the same person is with them when they need it, that they pursue their goals and are more than a sissy and a slacker.

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When the women are approaching their 30th birthday, at least one of their friends has been divorced, another has been cheated on, another has hooked up with someone who just wants to lie down and smell (minus the smell), and the rest have had meetings with all sorts of shoes. This puts you in perspective and clear priorities start to count. Not the imaginary ones, but the specific ones: respect, friendship, self-reliance and love.

10. A 30-year-old girl knows only one type of relationship – the one she will develop on her own Women

Not the one Grandma was talking about. The one she saw in Sex and the City. Not the one the guy in the black dress said about. Adult women don’t worry about everyone else’s opinion. They do not swallow like young pelicans, not only to be the perfect girl and potential mother, but also to be liked by his mother and all aunts. It would also be appropriate for them to cook like Ramsa.

Clean like a multi-person cleaning crew, and be able to prepare a party with only uncooked pasta and tea at their disposal. They believe in this relationship that they will arrange for themselves and that takes into account the individual needs of her and her partner. Who says you have to stay in one place, you can’t go on vacation separately, like BDSM, or have separate bank accounts? Who ever said they needed one long-term relationship? It is a matter of mutual agreement.

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