How do I get a second date?

Following a rather successful second date, you want to see THE person again. How to achieve this? Here are the steps to follow…

Do not be afraid to ask him. If you want to see this person who impressed you so much during a first meeting, the first thing to do is to dare to ask him for a second meeting. It is very logical, but it requires a lot of audacity. Therefore, if you are shy, it is necessary that you stop being it and it is for your good and also, for the good of your future relationship. Indeed, if you arm yourself with courage, you will be amazed at what daring can do for you.

By phone call, by SMS, by messaging from the dating site on which you met or even directly, dare to ask him for a second date. This person may even be waiting for that. In the case where it is a man, it is imperative that you learn to make yourself desired because very often, a woman who insists too much scares people away. In any case, you need courage!

Learn to insist subtly If after asking the person for a second date, she remains reluctant or indifferent or worse, if she has refused, you will have to learn to subtly insist. Although it is quite complicated to do, it is still possible and you will be amazed at what it could bring you. First, try to find a place in town that she likes, but that the person has never visited. Thereafter, arrange to make him understand that you can accompany him to visit the place in question. If your favourite accepts, you will have half won. Indeed, you will have to impress him! You can also play with holidays or weekends by pretending to want to relax in such a place to encourage him to join you. However,

How do I get a second date?

If you made mistakes on the first date… make up for it It’s a known fact that if the first date is a success. The second date will happen naturally. Otherwise, flirtwith it will take real good reasons for the second appointment to take place. So, if you made mistakes, mistakes or if you weren’t on top form. Admit it and dare to ask for a second date during which you will make up for it.

If you rely on this strategy, you will have to be sincere with the other so that. The chances of a second date being organise are high. Here, you have a one in two chance of succeeding. But in any case, do your best to convince. The other to meet you. again. For the second date to be a success, you will need to take your time to figure out your previous mistakes. Here too, you will need to have a lot of courage!

Go to meet him If you have been seeing each other for a while before your very first date. You can try to meet him to ask him directly for a second date. It’s simple, remember everything the other person told you about. Their schedule and the places they frequent. Concretely, if she told you that she is always in such a place during a specific day of the week, go there! It’s not about being heavy-handed, it’s about creating. An opportunity to see someone you care about again and ask for a second chance to impress them. It is important that you remain natural during your meeting so as not to arouse suspicion.

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The art of making yourself desired Making yourself desired… Yes, it’s quite an art and the good news is that it’s not just women. Who can exercise it; you just have to master it. So, if you want to get a second date, be desired. This consists of being rare on messages, instant discussions on social networks or dating sites … It consists of being discreet to arouse the curiosity of the other. In general, this is a tactic that works well, even if at the very beginning the person did not express their desire to go on a second date with you. In addition, for this technique to work, you will have to respond to him each time the person asks you; nevertheless, remain vague.

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